”The electric supercars lighting up 2017”

”A new electricity-powered high performance vehicle is on the horizon”

”A very fast electric sports car the SEC will let you invest in, the Tomahawk is checking all the right boxes”

”The Tomahawk looks like a hybrid between a Viper and a Tesla with a hint of Lamborghini”

”The interior is packed with all the modern creature comforts you would expect”

”The Tomahawk EV features an adjustable air suspension”

”The Tomahawk’s design screams supercar, and its numbers push the envelop in the right direction”

”Save the planet at 160MPH with this scorching electric sports car”

”Canada is home to production of some devilishly fast cars—notably the 2018 Dodge Demon, Ford GT and the Tomahawk”

”Top 10 fastest accelerating cars in the world”

”Building a niche American EV”

”First EV company qualified by the SEC to sell equity shares this way”

”We believe it’s time to rekindle what once was and make America automotive power rule the roads again”

”Tomahawk will be the amalgamation of luxury, engineering and world’s finest technology”

”It is almost as big as the Lambo Aventador however, opposed to the Aventador and any other supercar of this size for that matter, the Tomahawk has enough room for four people on board”

”You can own part of the company that makes this awesome, super-fast electric car”

”Lean, green and gets 370 miles on a single charge”

”The Tomahawk electric sports car is a Mother-Nature approved vehicle that’s fast as hell and also a looker”

”The Tomahawk blends business and pleasure, connecting man and machine to the virtual world”

”Unique-looking in a very good way designed to be a sports car that is as practical as a sedan”

”Telsa’s long-lost cousin looks like a lotus and stings like a bee”

”The company spent 12 years researching and developing clean technology to create the green vehicle”

”The Tomahawk is undoubtedly a marvel on wheels”

”The Tomahawk is still insanely fast”

”The Tomahawk is a mean green head-turning machine, this exotic electric sports car seats 4 people”