Mike Kakogiannakis

Co Founder & COO,
Director of Marketing
and Branding



Mike is the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Dubuc Motors, a startup dedicated to the commercialization of electric vehicles targeting niche markets within the automotive industry. Mike and his team are the first EV company in history to have launched an equity crowdfunding campaign under Reg A of the American Jobs Act and are considered a leading OEM worldwide according to the latest 2015-2025 Market Report.

Ambassador of Clean Tech and the environment, recognized for his achievements in technological innovation by the A.Q.M.E (Association Québécoise pour la Maîtrise de l’Énergie) and as a semi finalist of Richard Branson’s Extreme Tech Challenge in 2017. He is a young ambitious and serial entrepreneur driven to over achieve, Mike’s leadership and determination have always been a driving force behind his business ethic, he loves to bring ideas to life, cultivate talent and seize opportunity. He was more recently named “Young Entrepreneur of the Year” and awarded the DEKA award by the Montreal Greek Chamber of Commerce.

Mike was raised in a family-owned business operating in commercial printing, marketing services and product branding. He invested heavily in real estate at an early age and participated in many business ventures, he has self-funded Dubuc Motors since its inception.

Mario Dubuc

Co Founder & CEO,
Director of



Mario has extensive experience in design, engineering and production with skilled knowledge of automated equipment, production systems and transformation of composites. As a youngster fascinated and passionate about cars, he studied engineering through college while building vehicles from the ground up as a hobby.

Having put his dreams aside to work with renowned engineers in the mining, pulp and paper industry and in aluminum manufacturing where he gained proficiency as a material resistance specialist, he later developed new procedures as a bench mark for subsequent structures. This pooled background mixed with a culture that everything is possible established a granular approach to accelerate production lines with a just in time approach. Laser focused and reminded of childhood dreams, Mario was determined to bring his capacities and Bible of knowledge to fruition by building a prototype of an electric vehicle today called the Tomahawk sports car.

Mario was raised in a family-owned business operating in industrial automation, creating innovative recipes and equipment serving as efficient extensions in the workforce thus replacing humans with machines we now call robots. He has self-funded Dubuc Motors since its inception.


Peter Relan

Serial Entrepreneur,
CEO of
YouWeb, 9plus



Co-Founder at CrowdStar, at Spaceport, at Agawi. Guest Columnist Techcrunch, WSJ Blogs.

Thomas Soucy

Advisor | Founder,
CEO & President of
Westco Group



Serial entrepreneur, played key roles in building a group of companies, sits on several boards across various industries. Recognized and revered, his group of companies employs 800+ and generates $500M+ annually.

Louis Roquet

Advisor | DG at
Multinational & Conglomerate
Company Cevital



Former General Manager for the city of Montreal, CEO at SAQ, President at IQ, President at Desjardins Capital Risk.


Stéphane Lacerte

Designer CATIA

Alain Beaulieu

Industrial Machinist

Christopher Calado

Project Manager

Pierre-Luc Bernier

Senior Engineer

Jesse McQuillan

Senior UX/UI Designer