Co-Founder Mario Dubuc

Mario Dubuc

“I saved my hard earned money and at 14 years old I bought my first car, not to drive it but to take it apart. I wanted to understand each component.”

We are two passionate entrepreneurs driven by a belief that producing a more efficient form of transportation without having to sacrifice aesthetics and luxury can and should be accessible. We decided to research the market, surround ourselves with some of the best in the industry and begin a remarkable exploration that merges electric-sourced technology and the automotive space.

Co-Founder Mike Kakogiannakis

Mike Kakogiannakis

“It was clear to me since the mid 90’s that I would someday build an eco-friendly sports car, I’ve been on a tireless journey ever since to turn that childhood dream into reality”

Dubuc Motors is determined to electrify mobile transportation through connected vehicles. The benchmark and always thinking outside of the box to merge the finest technologies and deliver a long range electric car.


A remarkable story of two family men who for over a decade have been perfecting their intense appetite and creativity towards building the ultimate sports car. A supercar that would deliver on performance, convenience and also contribute to a more sustainable environment. We had been crafting away as a hobby which turned out to be on a full time basis for the better part of the first 8 years, four years ago we left our comfortable jobs to pursue a mission: to merge the pinnacle technologies of electrical and mechanical engineering in order to provide an unparalleled driving experience but we’re not stopping there – we want to create and produce the world’s fastest car. We have been self-funded since inception and, more recently, have welcomed a group of investors who share in our vision and passion.


Our launch concept is to target a niche within the luxury sports car market and steer clear of the big automaker’s reach. A multitude of prototypes were built over the years incorporating never-before-conceived technologies, addressing issues ignored by companies in the car manufacturing industry. Through out the evolution of prototypes, we executed ingenious changes in the Tomahawk chassis, drive, and power train to make the Tomahawk complete and ready for the EV revolution.


Tomahawk Auto Show

After years of innovative, eco-friendly research and development, we’re proud to introduce the all-electric Tomahawk. It’s a luxurious, roomy 4-seater built to be elegant, powerful, intelligent, and most importantly: environmentally friendly. Our introductory model, the Tomahawk, is the first model of many to be commercialized from a universal chassis, which also allows for the production of other electric vehicles targeting niche markets within the industry.


We recently qualified with the SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) allowing the opportunity for people worldwide who share our vision to invest alongside us and claim their place in history through our crowdfunding IPO.

Tomahawk Auto Show