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    (Québec) «Ça fait 20 ans qu’on me traite de rêveur!» C’est en ces termes que Mario Dubuc, pdg de Dubuc SLC, a commencé l’entretien avec Le Soleil. Sa firme a entrepris des démarches sérieuses pour obtenir le financement nécessaire – plusieurs millions de dollars – pour devenir le premier constructeur automobile québécois de voitures 100 % électriques.

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    CTV News spotlights the Tomahawk during a recent news segment. “The new Quebec-made Tomahawk Super Light is surprisingly affordable, as Max Harrold reports.”

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    “Dubuc Tomahawk is the first model of the recently established Canadian company: Dubuc Super Light Cars ( SLC ), a model that should cost less than 30,000 U.S. dollars when it’s ready to be unveiled in the market. But how is it possible, that a future car with the engine placed on the center to be so cheap?”


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    A Chassis Built For Performance

    Drive the dream faster with a real sports car handling all the while reassured inside the best frame on the market. The chassis comes standard with a roll bar, pre-drilled holes for pedals and wiring, brackets for the steering column, rear suspension and front suspension ready.

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    A Body Designed To Turn Heads

    The 75 degree pre-hung scissor doors, soft touch interior dashboard, console, door panels and it’s see through tinted scratch resistant targa top make the Tomahawk a truly beautiful show piece. Other valued features include a spacious trunk and side crash bars for unforeseen lateral impacts, this has never been done before!

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    The Tomahawk SuperCar

    The sleek, sexy rough looking Tomahawk is the Flagship and next generation of car enthusiasts. A modern interior cabin awaits with a spacious seating area and ample leg room making it prime when looking for comfort. Comfort then meets luxury with a see through targa top and opening scissor doors to impress the masses.

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